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Golan Plastic Products

Over 50 years of expertise: building a bridge from a successful past to a sustainable future

Golan Plastic Products Ltd (GPP) is an Israel-based Pex pipe producer company, active in the residential, infrastructure and industrial sectors.

Founded in 1963 by members of the Kibbutz Shaar HaGolan, GPP has grown as a plastic pipe manufacturer that specializes in developing, manufacturing and supplying cross-linked polyethylene pipes. GPP became a world leader in providing comprehensive solutions for the transportation of all types of hot, corrosive or abrasive liquid materials.

After many successful years, GPP become the only manufacturer on an international scale with factories in Israel, Argentina, Chile and Mexico, specializing in large diameter, cross-linked polyethylene pipe systems, the most cost-effective, long term solutions available to infrastructure, industrial, oil & gas and mining sectors throughout the world. And with factories in Denmark and Sweden that specialize in small diameter pipes for residential usage.

Today GPP, together with business partners around the world, constituted several companies that includes piping, an e-beam radiation, solar boilers and pre-manufactured walls for sanitary installations.

GPP has operations in 6 countries and employ around 300 people in our factories, offices, research & development facilities and distribution activities around the world.

Offering a wide range of solutions, GPP is committed to provide quality products and is steadfast in its efforts to minimize its environmental impact.

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We strive to enhance the quality of life by supplying innovative, sustainable and unique solutions for the transportation of liquids and materials via a diverse range of applications.

Mentorship & Training

GPP is a great place to start your working life and we offer the opportunity to feel good by doing good in your everyday work. Our supportive and inclusive environment enables you to learn, develop and be your best in the role that best suits you.