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Community Impact

GPP Group

Community Impact

We seek to succeed by building businesses that will make a real impact on improving the environment and community development that surround us.

GPP takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and seeks to ensure effective environmental management, not only of its own direct activities, but also the indirect aspects and impacts resulting from the occupation and use of its environmental infrastructure projects.

Community Impact

Volunteering and community involvement

We see ourselves part of the community we live in by involve disable students in our events and celebrating main events with the elderly population living near us.

We participate and volunteer in events for helping weakened population

When possible, we purchase goods from local merchants and from small businesses or from businesses that employ disable employees or having social purpose like “life skills collage”.

We also support population that were economically hurt because of the Covid-19 pandemic or affected by tensions on the southern border

Training our employees- we provide varies trainings :trainings: safety and quality training, leadership and motivation, stress and time management , orientation training and OJT training.

We have collaboration with government organizations and communal organizations to recruit and train employees and we were enhancing this collaboration during the Covid-19 period.

We act for the health of our employees providing anything they need to support them.